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Respect Life / Social Justice

What Is The Respect Life and Social Justice Committee?
The Respect Life and Social Justice Committee is a ministry at Saint Martin of Tours that promotes and defends the foundational principal underlying all Catholic Social teaching: That life all life is sacred and deserving of absolute protection from the moment of conception to natural death. Indeed, absent this inviolable right to life, all other social and economic justice goals remain beyond reach.

What is it's Mission?

The mission is twofold. First, to engage and educate parishioners on respect life and social justice issues, providing clear information on where the Church stands on these issues, which include abortion, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia, health care rationing and palliative care concerns. Second, to provide the means to reach out to the community and support pro-life initiatives that have practical, real-world impact, including the activities of organizations that help young unwed mothers and the elderly.



Please check the church bulletin for more information.



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