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Holy Orders

Every Christian has a vocation, a calling from God to live his or her life in a certain manner. Some are called to the vocation of marriage, some to consecrated life, and others to the priesthood and/or religious life. The call to priesthood is an invitation to take part more fully in the life and ministry of Jesus. This call is discovered in a variety of ways, including prayer, participation in the life of the Church, and involvement with the People of God. All of these are important.

Some know when they are very young that they want to become a priest. Others realize it later in life, sometimes after getting a college education or starting a career. Some who hear God’s call to the priesthood act on it right away. Others, like Samuel (1 Sam. 3:1-10) and Andrew (John 1:31-40), need a little encouragement. If you believe you have heard God calling you to become a priest, don’t ignore it. Help to bring it into focus by reflecting on what this special invitation means. Pray about it, and listen for God’s response. As you think about whether or not you should be a priest, questions you might ask yourself include:

Am I willing to serve God with a generous heart?

Am I trying to deepen my relationship with God through prayer?

Is my life as fulfilling as it could be?

When I hear the Word of God, do I want to share it with others?

Can I live my life without worldly things like fame, pleasure, and wealth?

Is the desire to be a priest something that I keep hearing in my heart over and over again?

Do I have a deep love and reverence for the Holy Eucharist?

Have others encouraged me to consider the priesthood?

Are there priests whom I greatly admire?

Do I know holy priests I can talk to about becoming a priest?

For more information on how to discern your vocation, where to find a discernment group and or a retreat, please visit the LA Vocations website CLICK HERE

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